Meet the Innkeepers

Meet Nate Gawlik

How long have you been an innkeeper?

10+ Years of Hospitality and Customer Service Experience.

Nate comes from the hospitality industry with nearly 10 years of working in a variety of managerial roles. He has been the General Manager of a Hampton Inn, served as a Hospitality Consultant for ResNexus, and acted as the Guest Services Manager at Eagle Crest Resort overseeing 335 units on a 1900-acre three golf course resort. He has received numerous awards for service excellence and leadership. Nate brings outstanding customer service skills, a passion for excellence and innovation in the hospitality industry and a keen sense of understanding about how to build a successful team.

What do you like best about the Galena community?

I adore what captivates my visitors in Galena, IL – its rich history and culinary delights! This charming town harbors top-notch dining establishments amidst a backdrop of centuries worth of captivating tales.

What is your favorite event in Galena or your favorite way to participate and give back?

I don’t know if this answers the question specific to Galena but here goes….

During my formative years, I harbored a strong desire to express my gratitude to those who significantly influenced my path. Throughout my college years, I dedicated myself to fervently advocating for the welfare of foster youth and adoptive services. My involvement extended to serving on the Youth M.O.V.E. National Board of Directors, where we actively engaged in lobbying efforts for systemic change during the Obama administration. As a rewarding outcome of our advocacy, our board had the privilege of engaging in a phone conversation with the President. To my pleasant surprise, I received three Christmas cards from the White House in the subsequent years, which served as a source of both delight and gratitude. 

It is my intention to continue to contribute to children that are less fortuante in our community.

What fun things can your guests expect from a stay at Hotel Galena/Renaissance Suites?

Riverboat Suites and Hotel Galena offers a delightful and dynamic lodging experience. Our 10-bedroom inn seamlessly bridges the gap between a traditional bed and breakfast and a conventional hotel. We boast 5 rooms featuring Jacuzzi tubs, 6 rooms with cozy fireplaces, a hot tub available to all guests, and the added convenience of a private parking lot.

Nestled within the historic district of Galena, our property is strategically positioned just one block away from the main street, eliminating the need for guests to navigate any street stairs to access the charming array of shops and restaurants. Our thoughtfully designed continental breakfast promises to surprise and delight discerning guests.