Meet the Innkeepers

Meet Jim & John

Why did you become an innkeeper?

We have over 60 years of hospitality, food service, and business management experience between us.  John has built and operated over 30 restaurants. Jim has worked in managed mental health care overseeing dining housekeeping, maintenance, and special events.  We share a passion for creating food that comes from the heart.  This is our opportunity  to create a place where guests can relax, restore, and explore.  With the demands of such a busy lifestyle, our guests deserve the chance to unplug and reconnect.

What do most like about Galena?

Honestly, what is not to like about Galena?  You had us at hello!  Seriously  though, Galena is a step back in time both architecturally and culturally.  There is such diversity here.  The welcome we received was overwhelming.  In addition to the people of Galena there is so much to be said for the rich history, pastoral countryside and the grand variety of experiences to be had.  As a business owner, its clear that “If one of us succeeds, we all succeed.”

What is your favorite way to participate in the community or give back?

Our favorite way to give back is to utilize our skills to help raise funds for the community.  Donating baked goods, hosting portions of progressive dinners, assisting with special events and promoting the area in general are all things we look forward to.

What fun things can your guests expect when they stay at Hawk Valley? 

As I sit and answer these questions, I am constantly distracted by the nature outside the window.  The birds and animals are an ongoing source of amusement.  In the evening guests are wowed by simply looking up.  The stars are beyond beautiful.  At Hawk Valley guests are in control of their own experience.  They can relax in the beauty of nature and the comfort of the cottages/rooms accessorized with carefully selected amenities.  Guests can restore in an environment that promotes the opportunity  to unplug and reconnect with each other.  Guests are also encouraged to explore all 10 acres and the wonderful town of Galena.  We have so many more additions planned such as a kitchen garden and our own chickens.  When you come to Hawk Valley you are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothes!  Breakfast will cause you to want to crawl back into bed for a nap or force you to walk the trail throughout the grounds.  We just want everyone to feel welcome.