Meet the Innkeepers

Meet Matthew Carroll

How many years have you been an innkeeper?

I have been an innkeeper for 15 years.

What is your favorite part about our community/Galena?

Having been born and raised in Galena and now having a business in my hometown, I am really grateful for all this community offers to its residents and our tourists that travel here.  Galena is the true definition of community and people working together to grow and prosper.

What is your favorite event in Galena or way to participate and give back?

The 4th of July (which happens to be my birthday) in Galena is such a fun and festive time of the year!  4th of July parade, family events all day and the amazing fireworks that night is fun for all ages.  

What fun things can your guests expect when they stay at Jail Hill Inn?

Guests at Jail Hill Inn are always so excited to hear about the history of this unique property and especially its time as a jail.  From original photos behind the front desk, prisoners names carved into the window sill in one of the rooms, to dozens of newspaper articles from the past that talk about prisoner escapes, the story of the building’s past is an interesting one.  Much to some guests interests, the property is not haunted either!
I always tell the guests that the jail was more of Mayberry jail where prisoners played cards with the sheriff’s children on a rainy day and painted artwork on the walls of their jail cells.  One local couple was married and had their wedding reception in the jail in 1950 (her father was the jailer at that time) and the prisoners from the 3rd floor threw feathers as confetti out their windows as the wedding couple arrived.