Community Involvement

Galena – Jo Daviess County Historical Society

History is without a doubt a huge part of the tourism here in Galena and the innkeepers of Best of Galena are all involved in some part of keeping that history alive. Through our historic houses and telling the story of them to traditions from the past and even by participating in living history, we make sure to keep Galena’s exciting past interesting and relevant even today.

The Galena History Museum is an amazing asset to the community in helping to share the rich history of our area with visitors to Galena. Best of Galena proudly supports the museum’s quest to keep sharing our history.

Many of our guests enjoy a visit to the museum and we can even arrange tickets prior to your arrival to make your experience as seamless as possible.



Homemade cakes and pies are donated by our innkeepers to Grant’s Pie Auction each spring during Grant’s birthday celebration, one of the most popular fund raisers for the museum.



In addition to tasty treats, we also sponsored part of the newest exhibit at the museum, “Port of Galena: 1858”. This models the city as the thriving river town it was in 1858. Visitors can turn the lights on in the old Banking House on Bench Street to see the building that we have sponsored.

The Galena History Museum is a great partner for us and our guests and we look forward to continuing our support for them as they continue sharing Galena’s storied history.