Meet the Innkeepers

Meet Bill & Wendy Heiken

How many years have you been an innkeeper?

We have been innkeepers for 18 years in Galena and 3 years in Idaho previously.

What is your favorite part about our community/Galena?

Our favorite part of Galena is the mid 19th century setting, a community that celebrates its history and architecture. We find it perfect for living history activities and events.

Favorite event in Galena or way to participate and give back?

Some of our favorite events in Galena are Grant’s Grand Birthday Celebration and Grant’s Home Front Civil War Encampment in April where we get to do a lot of living history especially with our Sanitary Fair full of handmade wares and baked goods. In December we love Living Windows and Mistletoe Stroll to really add the holiday spirit to the charm of town.

What fun things can your guests expect when they stay at Annie Wiggins Guest House?

When guests arrive at Annie Wiggins Guest House they are transported to Galena in the mid 1800s. They will find themselves among an authentically adorned home that captures the grandeur of the period. Some ways we parallel the style of entertaining to the house is by enjoying lemonade on the porches, Miss Annie’s civil war parlor games, once in a while, Miss Annie’s Living History, and if you enjoy sewing – a tour of my sewing/quilting studio.
When we purchased the house, it had sat vacant for about 8 years and had been converted into apartments in the 1950’s. So it took a lot of time and dedication to bring it back to a place that felt like home and place to entertain our guests. Bill has done all of the renovations and restoration himself.